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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crocheted Teething Ring Free Pattern - Designed by Merri Medley - Organic Cotton Yarn


Free Crochet Pattern for First Time Teethers

I became a Great Aunt ! So I designed a crochet pattern for a Teething Ring made from organic cotton yarn that meets the Global Organic Textile Standards and will be safe for babies.

This free pattern is as follows:

Size K crochet hook
Using 2 strands of organic cotton yarn make a slip knot then chain stitch 20 stitches, join.

Row 1: Chain 2 stitches then Single Crochet in each stitch, total 20 then join.

Row 2: Chain 2 then *Single Crochet in first stitch, then do 2 Single Crochets in next stitch, then repeat from * total 30 then join.

Row3: Chain 2 then Slip Stitch in next stitch all the way around. Join and tie off ends. Recommend washing item before use.
Check out the tutorial for this pattern on YouTube at the below link:

Crocheted Teething Ring Tutorial Video-Merri Medley Channel

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